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Graphic Design = Endless Opportunities


Design is everywhere and graphic designers now, more than ever, have tons of opportunities to pursue their passion and make a living from creating beautiful and meaningful design.

One of the best things about graphic design is that you can do it from anywhere. You can work as a member of a remote team or on your own while traveling or sitting at your favorite café. You also have the option of choosing a niche, whether it’s branding, interactive design, motion and video, advertising, packaging, or other specializations.

Additionally, graphic designers have a lot of employment options:

  1. In-house designer – Large companies (whether hi-tech or not) rely heavily on graphic design work. Companies like Google, Facebook, and even Coca-Cola have large graphic design departments that produce all their marketing materials.


  1. Studio or agency designer – Studios and agencies work with different clients. Sometimes clients hire the agency for a one-off project, and sometimes it’s a long-term, retainer-based engagement. Working in a studio means working with a lot of different clients on a diversity of projects. Agencies vary and can specialize in anything from ads to branding or motion design.


  1. Freelance designer – A lot of designers choose to be freelancers. Freelancing means you decide where, when, and with whom you work. However, it also requires networking and advertising yourself to land the projects that you want to work on. When your reputation grows, you might want to open your own studio and hire a few people to help you.


  1. Selling your work online – Some designers create different prints on-demand, t-shirts, or paper products and sell them online via Etsy, galleries, or on their own websites. If your work is interesting enough and you gain a following, your main source of income could come from your own designs.


  1. Opening or joining a start-up - Any start-up, especially a digital one, will need a designer to be part of the team to design the digital product and the marketing materials.


  1. Mixing it all together  - You can be an in-house designer that also runs your own Etsy store!

Good graphic design is always in demand. The expansion of digital products such as websites, apps, games, and social media means graphic design will only become even more sought-after as time goes by.
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