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Kickstarting Your Graphic Design Career with
an Online Graphic Design Diploma


Today, graphic design is more relevant than ever. With advances in communication, commerce, and entertainment technologies, there are plenty of opportunities for budding graphic designers. Getting a high-quality education is key to kickstarting a rewarding graphic design career, whether you’re new to the workforce or want to switch careers.


What is Graphic Design? 


Graphic design covers all situations in which the user is engaged visually. This can include the typography on your coffee cup, the design of the magazine it’s resting on, or the logo and branding of the website you’re browsing. If you look around, you’ll find that graphic design is everywhere! This is why it’s seen as such a broad field and why there is such a large variety of graphic design courses in the curriculums of both traditional graphic design schools or online graphic design programs. Following graphic design courses online helps to narrow down the precise area where you will excel as a graphic designer.

What Are Some Examples of Graphic Design Jobs, and How Much is a Typical Graphic Design Salary?


As every business needs graphic design if they want to remain competitive, graphic designers can work in almost any field. From traditional, decades-old corporates to trendy, new tech startups, all businesses need to visually communicate with their customers. Graphic designers can work as employees for specific firms, or work for themselves. Many graphic designers choose to become freelancers or start graphic design firms (alone or with other graphic designers).


Due to the breadth of graphic design as an industry and its relevance across all commerce, it’s hard to nail down a ‘typical’ graphic design salary. However, the Canadian job hunting platform Neuvoo estimates an average salary of $50,000 annually as an employee. If you’re working for yourself as a freelance graphic designer or you’re operating a graphic design firm, there’s no limit on the graphic design salary you could have.

Why Study Graphic Design Online?

Qualified Graphic Design Graduates are in Demand


The way users experience digital products and services through web designs, imagery, UX/UI, fonts, and more is becoming more critical as everything shifts online. While technological advancements have left many professions with less opportunity, such as in manufacturing, it has increased the opportunities for many others, including graphic design.


At the same time, we live and move through the ‘offline’ world, meaning print advertising, murals, signage design and more are still just as important for engaging consumers, all of which need graphic design.


Graphic design is an attractive career path for many people with a creative streak. However, there is also a lot of demand for well-educated graphic designers. According to Dribble, graphic design is the second most desired design skill which teams are looking for. A world-class, global graphic design education will give you an extra edge over competitors.

Learning Graphic Design Online Broadens Your Mind and Boots Your Creativity


People who want to learn graphic design naturally have a creative streak in them. An online graphic design diploma pushes boundaries, introduces new ways to engage with design, and helps to formulate and bring design ideas to life.


While many budding graphic designers may start experimenting at home with different tools and create some interesting designs, a diploma in graphic design takes them from being amateur graphic design dabblers to true professionals. Graphic design school professors from various backgrounds pass on the best techniques and tools through a wide range of graphic design courses, the knowledge that hobbyist graphic designers take years to acquire, if ever.

Online Graphic Design Programs are Great for Networking 


Studying a graphic design diploma online, particularly through online graphic design programs, will connect you with leading and future graphic designers from all over the world. These could be your future co-creators, co-founders, or even clients. Being connected with a global graphic design cohort automatically puts you in a good position to pursue projects anywhere in the world post-graduation. It establishes a global network that other graphic designers who’ve studied differently (such as purely location-based learning) would take years or even decades to establish.


How Can I Start Learning Graphic Design Online? 


Find a graphic design school that is best for you. If you want to keep your opportunities local, it might be best to find a location-based graphic design school. However, if you want to take full advantage of the digital age and have the ambition to partake in graphic design jobs internationally, then Master Design Lab is the best option. It’s affordable (they’ve recently released a Covid-19 scholarship specifically to address these tricky times), and the online graphic design courses are led by leading graphic designers. The Master Design Lab online graphic design diploma is internationally recognized, accessible to anyone, and is a great launching pad for a graphic design career.

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