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  • Are the live sessions mandatory?
    No, the live sessions are not mandatory, the live sessions are reinforcement to the content on our portal and are used to discuss ideas as well as to delve deeper into a subject. They are also recorded, for our student’s convenience. 


  • How often are the live classes?
    The live classes are every Thursday and every other Wednesday. In between, there are self-paced courses and project submissions.


  • How many courses are in each program
    We pride ourselves on the large of courses per program.
    The 4.5-month program has 11 courses and the 12-month program has 25 courses. None of the courses are electives, the student needs to do them all.


  • Do you teach on campus?
    MDL is specifically designed to be an online school and our program is very well suited for it. We do not have on-campus learning at the moment. 


  • Is it free?
    MDL is not a video-based course. As our cohorts are personally taught by leading designers and photographers and we provide the software, our courses are not free.


  • How do I get a scholarship?
    Amidst Covid-19 and current economic tribulations, we have reduced our course prices massively for everyone, we also give a 350 USD scholarship to every 12-month enrolled student. As part of our commitment to a better society, we have a real-world project called “ Reach” where students are paid for projects that aim to make a difference through design for a social cause agency. ( We do not offer 100% scholarships )


  • What's your accreditation? Is it recognized in my country?
    We are accredited by the CPD in the UK and by the European Centre of Independent Certification in E-learning. We are also members of the European Association of Distance learning. Unfortunately, we can not adhere to every country’s accreditation system, however as mentioned, our program has been reviewed by leading accreditation entities.


  • Are there any requirements to enroll?
    Unlike many high-quality schools, we do not ask for TOEFL or GMAT scores. Just basic English knowledge is enough. We are interested in making high-quality design education accessible for all. 


  • Do you offer visas?
    As we teach online only, we do not offer any visas. 


  • Are there exams?
    As in many creative arts schools, our grades are based on projects submitted, not on exams. 


  • How do I complete my work assignments?
    In our study portal you will find all our course content and assignments. After completing the assignment you will upload it to your course folder and it will be reviewed by our senior faculty.


  • How is my work marked?
    Our senior faculty (only) checks and marks students’ work. Our teachers don’t just grade the work, but also provide deep feedback which is crucial for the student’s success and development.


  • How much time do I need to invest in this course?
    We believe a sum of 15 - 20 hours a week is needed.


  • Is there a time limit to complete my course?
    No, we are completely flexible, however, it is best to follow the cohort and finish the course on time.


  • What language is this course taught in?
    As for now in English only. However, we have teachers that speak Spanish and French.


  • What forms of payment does this school accept?
    We accept PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers, we also offer interest-free installments. 


  • Do you have payment plans?
    Yes, we provide interest-free payment plans.


  • Is there a minimum age to enroll?
    If under 18 we will require a parent/guardian's consent.


  • How much is the tuition fee?
    Please refer to our tuition page at this link


  • How much is the deposit to hold my place in the next cohort?
    The deposit is usually the first payment based on your payment plan and the program of choice, it is usually between 250 - 700 USD.


  • After I complete my course, how long will it take to receive my certificate or diploma?
    In order to receive the certificate, you must finish at least 80% of the projects successfully. We send the certificate/diploma 2 weeks after all projects are submitted.


  • Do you offer career help?
    We offer internship matching, career tips, and career development sessions. The 12-month program also offers career coaching.


  • How often do you have cohorts in a year?
    We usually open a new cohort  4 -5 times a year.


  • Do you have courses for beginners?
    All our courses are for beginners; no prior knowledge is needed.


  • I already have some graphic design experience. Do I have to start the course from the beginning?
    Some of our students have had some design experience, but they usually choose to start from the basics to make sure they have strong design foundations. We recommend such an approach, but we are also happy to see how we can accommodate specific student needs. 


  • What equipment do I need to enroll in one of your courses?
    MDL will give you a reimbursement budget for the  Adobe Suite so all you need is just a computer that can run the Adobe suite properly. We do not recommend designing with an iPad or tablet. For the photography courses, you will also need a basic DSLR camera and a 18mm - 50mm lens. 

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