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The term composition is used for describing the arrangement or placement of the visual elements within a design. Whether you are working with vector graphics, text or images and regardless of how good all of these elements look individually, it is of great importance that they form a cohesive, clear and legible design. 

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All designers should be aware of the importance of typography and the notable impact the chosen typeface has on their designs. Typography has an immense effect on how we perceive and tell apart different designs. With that in mind, it would certainly feel dull and monotonous if all the text we come across everyday looked identical.

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Color is one of the most noticeable elements of design. This is mainly because of its ability to grab a viewer’s attention, evoke a certain emotion, and be used as a method of communication. Depending on the location, culture, and context, each color often has a unique meaning which should always be considered by the designer when he or she decides to use it. 

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Design is everywhere and graphic designers now, more than ever, have tons of opportunities to pursue their passion and make a living from creating beautiful and meaningful design.
One of the best things about graphic design is that you can do it from anywhere. You can work as a member of a remote team or on your own while traveling or sitting at your favorite café.

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Today, graphic design is more relevant than ever. With advances in communication, commerce, and entertainment technologies, there are plenty of opportunities for budding graphic designers. Getting a high-quality education is key to kickstarting a rewarding graphic design career, whether you’re new to the workforce or want to switch careers.
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Sometimes, a forgotten fact, (even if it should not be), design is functional art that interacts with its surroundings on a daily basis. The designer feeds off society, culture, trends, movements, politics, technology, both in the past and the present, and more. While absorbing all of these influences, the designer's role is to also try to affect the world around them.
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Graphic design masterpieces- A video series 

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