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Our approach to creative arts education is different from other creative schools. We not only teach fundamental design or photography skills but also how to apply them in real-world projects, business settings, team assignments, and more. Our program goes above and beyond, equipping you with the essentials. We teach you skills that are complementary to a design/photography career and which will give you the edge, such as creating an effective copy. With the guidance of world-class designers and photographers, you’ll be uniquely poised for success come graduation time.

  • Learn from some of the best designers and photographers in the world

  • Learn from anywhere

  • Continuous feedback and mentoring

  • Live classes

  • 25+ courses 

  • One-on-one sessions 

  • ADOBE suite software reimbursement 

  • Unique course portal 

  • Visiting lectures from award-leading designers and photographers 

  • Small cohorts 

  • Career advising and tips 

  • Internship placement service 

  • Fees that are paid in full with one payment are subject to a 15% reduction

  • The fees are fully inclusive; there are no hidden extras

  • Portfolio classes are included in all of our programs

  • Accredited by the European Centre of Independent Certification in E-Learning and CPD UK, Recognized by the European association for distance learning. 

  • Free extra workshops while in the program

  • Access to learning materials and workshops after graduating


Masters Design Lab students receive the International Student Identity Card. ISIC offers both virtual and plastic cards, allowing students around the world to instantly prove their official student status and access over 150,000 student discounts and offers worldwide.

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Learn from some of the best designers and photographers in the world. Our faculty contains award-winning, experienced, and active designers. Our faculty members worked for companies such as BBC, Vodafone, Unilever, NYU, NEXT, and more. 

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Dedicated faculty for each cohort – Each cohort has a head mentor that you can get in touch with on a daily basis. The design or photography mentor helps you with any questions you have and makes sure you get the most out of each course.

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Learn from anywhere – Masters Design Lab is location agnostic and we don’t charge students outside of Canada or the United States extra. The fees are all the same. All of our classes are online, featuring a mix of live and pre-recorded lessons.

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Professional learning environment – Our program is demanding. It is based on a coherent timeline and set deadlines. It is mandatory for students to participate in the live classes, which are very important for real feedback from teachers and peers.

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Continuous feedback and mentoring – Learning design or photography through serious critique and feedback is very useful. Design is a process that needs to be learned and refined.

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Live classes – We want you to become immersed in a real collaborative creative experience. Our live classes will enable you to listen and be heard, learning valuable lessons from the teacher and peers along the way.

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Real world projects (and a lot of them) – Our program has a unique studio course / class that runs throughout the year. In this year-long course, you will get briefs and projects which will help you apply what you have learned.

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Hands-on placement help and support – We do not promise any jobs, but our placement advisor will do everything  possible to get you career-ready, from portfolio to interview training, and will provide access to different internships and jobs.
* Available only to full program students

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Unique curriculum – Our curriculum is outstanding. We’ve designed programs that teach what we believe are the most important skills of a modern designer/photographer. Combine that with our personal mentoring, masterclasses, and year-round studio classes, and we are confident that you can realize your design dreams. However, keep in mind that this program is not for everyone. You will need to work hard to keep up.

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Over 25 design courses and 11 photography courses - We have not held back, creating a 25-course program featuring courses only taught in our design program, such as The Business of Design. We also have 11 unique photography courses covering basic and advanced photography skills. 
* Available only to full-program students

MDL's Advanced Learning  Experience

Get immersed in the design world with art directors with 15+ years
of experience who have worked for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

  1. Bi-Weekly "Design Cafe" > virtual design hangout, network, and talk design. 

  2. Open office hours > Schedule a meeting with our faculty; the door is always open.

  3.  Drop-in sessions  > We hold drop-in sessions twice a week. Our teachers are online, helping students with any question they have, technical or design. 

  4.  Slack channel > Our vibrant Slack channels help you always be up to date

  5.  Your design goals > Meet Prof. Michael Leblanc to discuss your career paths and design goals.



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"This is an excellent course. It delivered so much more than I was expecting. The experience with MDL from the beginning was very impressive. They were attentive, helpful, and with excellent customer service compared to other Graphic Design courses that I was exploring at the time."

Lisa Thornton, UK

"There is a wealth of knowledge in every course and they all go in-depth. The teachers are very experienced and clearly work in the industry and not just teach theory from books. The program is very hands-on and the foundation that it builds upon is very solid."

Lisa Davis, Jamaica

"Great course with fantastic tutors. The live classes were so useful. We used the time to chat to the other students and tutors and discussed the assignments and design theory, which I do miss now that the classes have finished."

Tyla Hanely, UK


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