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Informal Process


Step 1: 

  1. Discuss your grade with the instructor 

  2. The instructors are obliged to give you instructions on how to improve your work and resubmit it for a better grade. 

  3. If the issue is not resolved, process to step 2


Formal process

Step 2: 

  1. Submit the appeal to the program manager:

  2. Please include: 

  3. Your name 

  4. Cohort 

  5. Course 

  6. Assignment 

  7. Grade you received 

  8. The reason the grade needs to be amended 

  9. The program manager will answer your appeal in 10 days 

  10. If the issue is not resolved, proceed to step 3

Step 3:
A committee made of two senior tutors and the academic advisor will review your claims and will answer your appeal with a final decision within ten days 

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