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Money-back guarantee! Not sure? Leave the workshop before 15 minutes pass and get your money back, no questions asked.


Did you ever want to learn how movies are branded? Did you ever want to meet the designer behind some of the most known films ever made? You are in the right place. In this four-session workshop (each session is 1.5 hours), design legend Dan Perri will teach the process of branding a movie and stories from his work on notable titles such as Star Wars, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and more... You will also receive a brief and design your own movie poster and get critique from Dan Perri himself. If you are a movie freak, a designer, or both, this workshop is something you don't want to miss.


About Dan Perri

A legend in the field of optical title design, Dan Perri is perhaps best known for creating the opening crawl that triumphantly heralded the arrival of Star Wars. It's one of the most identifiable and imitated pieces of title design ever made.      But to only focus on a galaxy far, far away when discussing the career of Dan Perri would ignore a wealth of incredible work, from The Exorcist to Nashville, Taxi Driver to Raging Bull, Days of Heaven, The Warriors, Caddyshack, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Blood Simple, Insomnia, The Aviator, and hundreds and hundreds more. You probably didn't know Perri's name until now, but if you've seen a film made in the past fifty years, then you are already well acquainted with his work.      Unlike some title designers whose style is instantly recognizable, the true strength of Perri's output is not a familiar design style but his adaptability - it's how well suited his title designs are for each project. If there's one single thing that defines Perri's career, it is that dogged pursuit of good design in whatever form is required. His designs - as varied as they are - have become synonymous with the films for which they were created, but not his name. If he's done his job right, then the viewer shouldn't even know who designed the titles until they see "Title Designer: Dan Perri" in the end credits.


Click here to learn more about Dan Perri here


Watch this video about Dan Perri and his work


The details:

Four 1.5 hour online live sessions

All sessions are recorded

Work on your design project and get feedback and critique from Dan Perri personally


Workshop objectives:

Learn movie branding + a hands-on movie branding project



Session 1: Q&A with Dan Perri (23.11.2021)

Session 2: The design process + project brief  (30.11.2021)

Session 3: Critique session (7.12.2021)

Session 4: Final critique session (14.12.2021)


How does it work?

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All of our workshops are live and online. You can ask questions, interact with the teacher and other students, practice, and much more.

During the workshop, you will receive learning materials and after you will receive access to the workshop video.

Once the workshop is over, you will get a Design Wisdom certificate. 

Money-back guarantee! Not sure? Leave the workshop before 15 minutes pass and get your money back, no questions asked.

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